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Amazing Ice Worms - Risograph Print

Amazing Ice Worms - Risograph Print

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A fun experimental lofi Riso poster print.

This Risograph print is a fun A3 print of the Amazing Ice Worms! Always remember that life is not always warm.

Risograph printing is pure joy and magic! It is similar to screen printing, but done with a machine called a duplicator which is like a photocopier. I discovered the magical world of Riso when I lived in Japan where they are common, but they are very rare in Australia. I've brought a 20 year old machine, unused for 10 years, back to life for the purpose of making experimental art and embracing the lo-fi nature of it. You can watch my process on Instagram. Prints are often misaligned, have printer marks, or print unevenly. This makes perfect imperfections and each print is unique. Riso prints are known for their texture and you will enjoy holding (and smelling) a real riso print.

Note: The photo is just an example of the print. Each print is slightly different and all prints come with printer marks, misalignment and perfect imperfections. I think it's a beautiful thing. I won't send you a print I'm not happy with.

Made in Springfield Lakes, QLD - between Brisbane and Ipswich. 

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